Reshape, Reform, Rejuvenate
  • Abdominoplasty
    For most adults, the abdomen is the first place that excess body fat accumulates. Unfortunately, even disciplined diet and exercise often cannot completely solve the problem of excess body fat once it is present.... Read More
  • Body Lift
    Over time, conditions such as pregnancy, age, and fluctuating body weight can stretch normally close-fitting skin, creating loose folds that are uncomfortable and unsightly. With surgery,... Read More
  • Liposuction
    Despite the hard and painstaking work that can go into diet and exercise, sometimes it's not enough to eliminate pockets of fat that collect around the body. Liposuction from our plastic surgeon serving Bundaberg and Mackay, Queensland is a procedure designed to get rid of stubborn, excess fat in virtually any area of the body.... Read More
  • Male Breast Reduction
    Men with enlarged breasts can be treated for a condition known as gynecomastia through male breast reduction at our Queensland plastic surgery facilities, convenient to the Brisbane and Mackay region.... Read More

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