Reshape, Reform, Rejuvenate
  • Breast Augmentation
    Breast size and shape are important concerns for many women, and being satisfied with your breasts can be central to both healthy self-esteem and enhanced confidence. Serving patients from Queensland... Read More
  • Breast Lift
    Youthful, perky breasts provide sensual contours and can accentuate the entire body frame. However, aging and other factors can lead to considerable sag, or droop, of the breasts. A breast lift at our Bundaberg or Mackay, Queensland-area facilities can do wonders for your bustline, tightening the skin and lifting the breasts to a more desirable position.... Read More
  • Breast Reconstruction
    Because a woman’s breasts are such an integral part of her identity, deformities and surgical procedures that affect the appearance of the breast, such as mastectomy, can be emotionally devastating. Fortunately, plastic surgery offers the chance to correct deformities or reclaim an attractive feminine bustline after mastectomy through breast reconstruction.... Read More
  • Breast Reduction
    The discomfort and self-consciousness that often result from having overly large breasts can be overcome with breast reduction. Our Bundaberg and Mackay, Queensland-area plastic surgeon can reduce the size of the breasts and create a bustline more proportionate to your body.... Read More
  • Revision Breast Augmentation
    Dr. Gaffield can correct and improve breast augmentation-related problems to improve the results of the original procedure.... Read More

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