• Brow Lift
    The forehead and eyebrow area are often among the first areas of the face to be affected by wrinkles and furrows, possibly making you look older than you really are. A forehead, or brow lift, available at our Mackay and Bundaberg, Queensland facilities is designed to reduce these signature signs of age and exhaustion, giving you a more youthful, refreshed appearance.... Read More
  • Otoplasty
    Ears that significantly protrude from the head can be a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness. Ear surgery, or otoplasty, from our Queensland plastic surgeon, serving Bundaberg, Mackay, Airlie Beach and surrounding areas, is a procedure that will pin the ears closer to the head.... Read More
  • Neck Lift
    Individuals who have wrinkles, folds, and hanging skin in the neck area can look years younger with a neck lift. Our Queensland surgeon, serving Bundaberg, Mackay, and surrounding areas, can tighten the skin of the neck and make it appear slimmer and more youthful. A neck lift can also serve as an effective complement to other facial plastic surgery procedures, such as face lift and eyelid surgery.... Read More
  • Eyelid Surgery
    Signs of age, exhaustion, and stress around the eyes can be significantly reduced by our plastic surgeon in Queensland. Eyelid surgery at our Bundaberg and Mackay-area facilities – convenient to the Whitsundays, Gladstone, and beyond – can correct droopiness of the upper lids, eliminate puffiness, and generally give the entire face a more youthful aesthetic. ... Read More
  • Face Lift
    A rejuvenated appearance and even a completely new aesthetic can be achieved with facelift and rhinoplasty procedures at our Queensland facilities, serving Bundaberg, Mackay, and the surrounding region.... Read More
  • Lip Augmentation
    Fuller, more sensuous-looking lips can give your entire face a more youthful aesthetic. Lip augmentation at our Queensland facilities serving the Mackay and Bundaberg region can recontour your lips with an array of cosmetic procedures that are quick, long-lasting, and highly effective.... Read More
  • Rhinoplasty
    Many people are dissatisfied with the shape of their noses, often feeling deeply self-conscious about their facial appearance. Rhinoplasty, offered by our Queensland plastic surgeon, is a method of improving the appearance of the nose by making it smaller or larger, bringing it into better proportion and balance with other features of the face.... Read More

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